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1  LARRYS SONG                     Larry's Songs is a program that plays 10 different songs while various figures march around the screen. Almost like a digital music box. It allows for a custom message to be displayed on startup as well. It's fully functional shareware. All I ask for is a postcard, if you like it. It's basically free.

2   Larry's Paint                           A fun applet in which you can draw with coloring pens, or premade picture stamps. It even allows you to customize it with your own images as stamps or backgrounds

3   Larry's Animals-n-Things:     Here there are animals and objects for a child to click on, using the mouse, and the things on the screen make sounds or move. around 470k. It's fully functional shareware. All I ask for is a postcard, if you like it. It's basically free.

4  Larry's Tic Tac Toe           The game of Tic-Tac-Toe with lots of wacky sounds. The games is for 2 players, and its lots of fun to play. Not only will children enjoy this, but adults might like to play this during a break at work, or on a portable computer. It's loads of fun for everyone. is around 540K. It's fully functional shareware. All I ask for is a postcard, if you like it. It's basically free.

5  Ray's Letters and Numbers          Free, fun to use educational software for children aged 3-6. A great way to teach the alphabet, numbers, counting, simple spelling, keyboard skills and much more. Simple, entertaining, educational games which your child will want to play again and again. With a choice of US or UK spelling.

6   Letter Sounds          Letter Sounds helps toddlers make the first, vital connection between the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they represent. Kids can drag pictures to the letters that make the first sounds of the word that describes the picture. Voice is used to be sure that they know the right word and to reinforce the connection between the first letter and the first sound in the word. Fun, educational hands-on learning.

All Owl & Mouse programs work on Win3.1 as well.

7   Letter Sounds 2 - Blends          Letter Sounds 2 - Blends is a FREE interactive phonics program. It teaches how the sounds represented by letters can combine to make up the sounds at the beginnings of common words.

8  Edmo and Houdini               Move Edmo and Houdini around the doghouse by using position words: in, out, over, under, on, off, and behind. Cute enough for even tiny ones to enjoy and others

9  Kids Freeware             A collection of  fun

Bigger Kids

Color And Create

1   Best Paper Airplane in the World         Lots of patience needed here but lots of fun to be had too!! Build the Best Paper Airplane in the World from just one sheet of paper! "I was shown how to make this airplane when I was just 8 years old; It glided like no paper airplane I have ever seen before, it was acting like a REAL airplane. It gently curved into the slight breeze and began to rise vertically without moving forward. The craft then began to lower as if it were a helicopter and gently came to rest on the asphalt below." Complete, illustrated instructions for making and flying the plane. Print the pages out to study before you start. Don't miss the beautiful decorations for your planes here.

2   Print 'n Stitch        Print 'n Stitch transforms any picture (BMP, GIF or JPG file) into a cross-stitch pattern. Make cross stitch samplers from your favourite computer pictures, they'll make great gifts and you won't have to buy an expensive pattern. Requires Visual Basic 5 runtimes and a printer to handle 8½ x 11 sheets, program runs on ALL versions of Windpws.

3   Toy Story 2        Lots of fun here with the Toy Story characters! Print coloring pages of all the characters; print a full set of trading cards; make your own trading cards; print a calendar; print out the characters to make a play set.

4   Crayola's Magic Wardrobe    This is a demo of IBM and Crayola's Magic Wardrobe program. It lets you play with one time period, learning about the clothing and famous women from Elizabethan England. You can design the dress to have your own colors, read the diary of a girl from that time, and write letters.

5   Draw & Color With Uncle Fred      "Uncle Fred" Lasswell, artist/writer of the comic strip Barney Google & Snuffy Smith, leads you step by easy step through drawing a variety of cartoon characters. All you need is a pencil and some paper then follow the instructions page by page to draw Kitty, Happy Puppy, Walrus, Baby Chick, and lots more. Create your own characters or cartoon strip then color them in your favourite colors.

6   Drawing For Children       Drawing for Children is a wonderful way for all children to become creative regardless of their educational level. Even the young children with little or no reading skills will be able to jump in and create with little supervision. Point and click on the icons to reveal all the aspects of the program from pens, stamps, backgrounds, special effects and so much more!! This is such an entertaining program you will probably have a hard time getting the children away from the computer. Creating lots of wonderful art work for friends and family all for free! What else is there to say? Just, download it and try it out.

7   AIKIDO      Aikido helps you draw pictures of how people move. Originally written to illustrate a martial arts manual but equally useful for ballroom dancing, yoga or athletics.

8   ABC Color with Me       This delightful free software will entertain children for hours coloring pictures on the computer and listening to songs!

9   Free Software for Parents         This excellent free software offers a wealth of information and activities that will guide you in Helping Your Child Learn to Read.

10   Coloring Books       Lots of fun here, most of the pictures are easy and you can have fun coloring them on line first. Click to print a picture to color or choose a colouring book for even more colouring pictures.

11   ROAD:         make a road system and run cars on it. Ages 4 to 8. Picture Download (150k) Freeware

12   Larry's Light Draw   Draw with different colored lights, 8 colors to choose from. A cute little drawing game, how creative are you? You can go to the home page and play with this on line before you download

13    The Kidz Page      Explore free printable and online games, activities, puzzles, clip art and much more. Bring your friends, your parents, your teachers -- there's fun here for everyone! Games for fun and games for learning


1  Karen's Power Toy       Lots of FUN for everyone! Make your favorite MS Agent character (availble free) talk, sleep, fly, and more. Speech feature requires free text-to-speech software. You do need to visit Karen's website to make sure you have ALL the downloads you'll need & you may need some help installing it too. There's links on Karen's website to her newsletters with more information on this program.

2   Felix     Felix is quite adorable! He'll pop up on top of a window or appear and disappear through his cat door somewhere on your screen. He loves to rub himself on the edge of your screen and you can pick him up with your mouse but be careful how you put him down! Felix is a very finicky cat. He only likes Felix cat food and the Windows operating system. Felix likes to stay away from other operating platforms as they cause hairballs! He's got lots more cute tricks too so sit back and let him entertain you :)

To download Felix you have to register but it is free. Kids! please ask your parents before filling in the form.

3   Happy House     It's a fact! No matter how powerful your computer is, in terms of actual intelligence it's not as "smart" as the lowliest mammalian life form. In the case of hamsters it's a tight race, that's one reason this virtual pet seems so uncannily vital. Happy House doesn't do much. When you start it, your screen will darken and a basket will appear. Click on the basket latch and the cover will open, revealing your newest friend....When you are ready to take Happy House off your desktop and your hamster is at rest, click on the upper portion of the basket and it will close. You can also end Happy House at any time by hitting the "Escape" key.

4   Pet WONKAnite Game       Get ready to meet your Pet WONKAnite! With the right amount of nurturing, your pet will grow up to become a happy member of the WONKA family of candies. Make sure your pet gets plenty of food, drink, playtime, and love, and don't forget that when your Pet WONKAnite plays the flute, it wants you to copy its tune exactly. Full download/install instructions can be found on the home page.

5   Name a Tiger, create his home, order his food, keep him safe, get him some toys and watch him move in to his new home. On the way you'll learn all about one of the world's endangered species, the Siberian Tiger. Click on the photos to see them full size, follow the links at each step to explore the world of this beautiful cat.

6    Crying, Screaming Baby     This baby needs you in a big, bad, LOUD way! Drag him his toys to keep things quiet... see if you can give him a bottle to calm him for a moment.... but you won't get to rest for long....



1  Cornwolf      The CORNWOLF, a "tiny" rodent living in Europe, has severe problems in the Netherlands. What can we do to help the poor fellow? Experience the dangers and live the Cornwolf's life, can you help the Cornwolf to survive through 25 levels? Runs on Win95, Win98, WinME, WinXP.

2     "Hungry Yogi"            Not so long ago, in a park, there lived a bear called Yogi. Like other bears he ate the remnants that people left in the park on picnics.

One day Yogi got a letter from his friend, who wrote him that people have got lots of delightful food in their pantry. Although Yogi was very afraid of people, his hunger was much stronger than his fear. He decided to go to a man's house and take what bears like most. But a trip there wasn't so nice or eases. First of all, people lock their houses. They also have lots of different equipment, which might be very dangerous to a small bear. But the worst are those creatures that often live in people's houses - the mice - everybody knows that the bears can't stand them. So, getting to a pantry might seem almost impossible, but for such a clever bear as Yogi there are no obstacles. To kill his hunger Yogi must get from pantry at least 3 jars of honey, And other games

3    Alice in Wonderland     Alice in Wonderland - An Interactive Adventure. This is a truly fabulous web site that will appeal to everyone, young and old, who has read Alice in Wonderland ;) There's everything from poems to word searches to puzzle games. And if you haven't read Alice in Wonderland you'll still have lots of fun, and even more fun if you read the book!

4   HappyLand Adventures     Happyland Adventures is a classic jump'n'run combined with original adventure elements. Your mission is to save the Happylanders in order to rid the world of evilness! Explore the big levels, including hidden stages and collect various fruits for bonus points. However, watch out for all the evil creatures who only mission to life is to kill you. If you like Crash Bandicoot, you are going to love this game

5   The Good Life       An old style computer game with beautiful graphics and music. You assume the role of the leader of a new town in the middle ages and you must lead your people to success despite nearby demons and fairies who meddle in your business. This game is actually 3 mini-games in one! Strategy, puzzle and action fans will not be disappointed.

6    Monster Manor     Rid the manor of seven monsters who have moved in and escape with your life in this oint & click adventure game with rendered graphics, original music, multiple save games.

7   The Will II: The Castle    Search for hidden gems in another dead relative's house to inherit a fortune. First person perspective, rendered graphics, save game

8   Caribbean Treasure     Search for treasure on a dangerous Caribbean island. Cartoony, but colorful, graphics. Animated onscreen character.

9   The Will       Before his death, your uncle hid sixteen gems in and around his house. Find them all and inherit his fortune. A mixture of hand-drawn graphics and clipart with an animated onscreen character.

10   Cult       The game is based on negotiations and trade in order to solve a case of a barricaded cult in a villa two kilometers (1.5 miles) away from town. As you play, you wander in the villa, meet the brainwashed cult members (and some reasonable people). You talk to them, find out what they want, and learn to trade items with them for information. You learn a little about the social structure of the cult and even get to save some lives. You advance from room to room, find keys to locked door and operate switches to remove barriers.

You have to give an e-mail address to download this game. Kids please ask your parents first :)


1   GO Karts       Fast reaction times required for this game! Race in Go Karts against the computer car at three levels, Novice, Semi-Pro or Pro. Game shows laps, times, speed and has a fastest lap league table. Includes an uninstall facility.

2     Asteroids         As a lone fighter pilot leading a convoy of bulk cruisers into deep space, you job is to blow a way through the uncharted asteroid field. Includes Uninstall facility.

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